Lying to Make Corruption Easier: Our Elected Representatives Hard at Work

Last month, President Trump signed his first significant piece of legislation in to law, which has the effect of enabling corruption and secrecy in an . . .

Foreign Legal Assistance Applications: A Strategy to Advance Accountability for Transnational Human Rights Abuses

In 2014, 40 million liters of toxic mining waste spilled from the Buenavista del Cobre copper mine into the Bacanuchi and Sonora Rivers, contaminating the . . .

International Right to Know: Empowering Communities Through Corporate Transparency

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Coalition Tells World Economic Forum: Building Trust Requires Disclosure
New Report Highlights U.S. Multinationals' Irresponsible Human Rights, Environmental and Labor Records

As world business and political leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland for the 33rd annual World Economic Forum (WEF), a coalition of environmental, development, labor and human rights groups today released a joint report entitled “International Right to Know: Empowering Communities Through Corporate Transparency.”

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