We defend human rights and promote environmental justice.

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The world’s most vulnerable communities are those living between its most valuable resources and its most powerful corporations.

They are being forced from their homes, tortured, and even killed in the name of profit...

...their lands, water and livelihoods are being destroyed...

Photo CC BY-NC Caroline Bennett / Rainforest Action Network

...while the decisions that threaten them are made behind the closed doors of corporate board rooms and statehouses.

We stand side by side with these communities in their struggle for justice.

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In the field

We conduct fact-finding and advocacy campaigns to expose earth rights abuses and ensure that local voices are included in development decisions that will impact their lives and livelihoods.

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In the classroom

We train emerging civil society leaders to conduct local, regional, and international advocacy campaigns of their own, and we train lawyers and judges in legal advocacy, international human rights law, and international environmental law.

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In the courtroom

When all else fails, we take bad actors to court. We’ve stood toe to toe with some of the world’s largest corporations, and its worst human rights abusers, and won!

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Our work is complex.
This film pulls it all together in just 4 minutes.

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