ERI supports the Mekong Legal Network, an independent group of experienced legal professionals and civil society leaders from the Mekong region that grew out of ERI's Mekong Legal Advocacy Institute (MLAI). Participants in MLN include professionals in Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as supporters from the Philippines, Australia, and the United States, who are committed to justice under the law. MLN works to promote the rule of law in the Mekong and ASEAN regions, especially in relation to regional and cross-border development issues such as the use of the Mekong River, and works with regional bodies such as the Mekong River Commission and the ASEAN Inter-governmental Human Rights Commission.

Logo: Mekong Legal Network

The Mekong Legal Network is an invitation-only network that moderates its own membership, and meets approximately twice per year for professional development and sharing of skills and experiences.