We fight for justice in fields, jungles, and cities-- not just courtrooms. Through powerful campaigns, often carried out by our schools’ alumni and members of our legal networks, we raise public awareness on human rights and environmental justice issues around the globe. By training and connecting legal advocates and frontline campaigners, we can reach even the most remote communities struggling against corporate power and earth rights violations.  

Our work in the field complements our training work in the classroom and our legal actions in the courtroom by equipping local communities, lawyers, and civil society leaders with the advocacy and legal skills they need to tackle their communities’ greatest challenges.

We bring together human rights and environmental activists, affected communities, and concerned individuals to build lasting partnerships, raise public awareness around earth rights issues, and take on corporate abusers no matter where they do business.

We also hold corporations accountable in the court of public opinion by documenting and exposing their human rights, labor, and environmental practices.