The Problem

Extraction of natural resources, such as oil, gas, and minerals, can be a lucrative business. For people living in resource rich areas, it can be deadly.

People who live in areas where extractive industries operate often face poverty and human rights abuses. The industries exacerbate human rights abuses in many countries by making lands uninhabitable by polluting the environment.  

Resource extraction often also provides a source of income to oppressive governments, making backroom deals that benefit the few instead of the many. The money exchanges between the companies and governments keep corrupt regimes in power, enriching elites while communities remain poor. The financial transactions frequently also pay for weapons used against local peoples defending their rights and their way of life.

All too often, local communities are kept in the dark, far away from decision making. Populations may not know that an extractive project is going to take place in their community. They often don’t get to decide how they want the project to proceed.

ERI's Solution: 

We have documented in many countries such as MyanmarNigeria, Peru, and Ecuador that these industries can take a severe toll on communities and the environment.

We bring remedies to communities suffering from extractive industry-related abuses through the use of innovative legal and campaign strategies.

We protect the rights of people by ensuring that strong standards are in place and communities have the knowledge and skills to use these standards to protect their rights against abuse, especially in the context of abusive security forces and revenue transparency.