Myanmar Campaigns Coordinator

Hanna Hindstrom coordinates ERI’s advocacy program related to coal mining and community-led corporate accountability.  She has been living and working in Southeast Asia since 2011, with stints in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Before joining ERI she worked as a consultant for Minority Rights Group International, leading a series of training programs for European journalists in Asia. She has also worked as a journalist covering human rights, conflict and development in Myanmar and Southeast Asia for over four years, with two years as a reporter for the Democratic Voice of Burma in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In London, she spent three years with the International Council on Mining and Metals, focusing on sustainable development and responsible investment in the mining industry. Since then she has consulted for various transparency watchdogs, including Transparency International, Global Integrity and the Revenue Watch Institute.

Hanna earned a M.Sc. in International Public Policy from University College London. She speaks English, Swedish and mixed levels of Finnish, French and Burmese.