Chevron's Illegal Payments to Witnesses Should Prompt Supreme Court to Reconsider Case

For nearly three decades, Ecuadorian communities have tried to hold Texaco (now Chevron) accountable for the company’s legacy of oil pollution in the Ecuadorian Amazon. . . .

Responsible Investment Requires More than a Few Corporate Social Responsibility Programs: Lessons for Chinese Outbound Investors

I wouldn’t say Chinese investors are not trying to take social responsibility seriously, but they must understand that the meaning of responsible investment is much . . .

Defensoras Ambientales denuncian la grave situación que enfrentan para la defensa de derechos ante la Comisión Inter-Americana de Derechos Humanos

Juliana Bravo Valencia
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Esperanza Martinez
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Ayer, una delegación de defensoras ambientales de las Américas presentaron ante la Comisión Inter-Americana de Derechos Humanos, la situación de criminalización injusta y represión sistémica que sufren como consecuencia de su labor de defensa y protección  de los derechos de la tierra, la naturaleza y el medio ambiente.

Women Environmental Defenders Condemn Systemic Abuses before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Maryum Jordan
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Yesterday, a delegation of women environmental defenders from the Americas testified before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, condemning widespread unjust criminalization and repression against those who assert their rights to land and environmental protection.

Standing with Amazon Watch

Yesterday, Kellan Howell at The Washington Times published what can only be described as a hit piece against Amazon Watch, our longtime advocacy partner and . . .

Is Chevron a model of "corporate excellence"? We don't think so.

Last month the U.S. State Department announced that Chevron was a finalist for the Secretary of State's "Award for Corporate Excellence." Because Chevron is implicated . . .

Book Review: Law of the Jungle by Paul Barrett

I’ve just finished reading Paul Barrett’s new book, Law of the Jungle: the $19 billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the . . .

What’s Next in the Chevron/Ecuador Legal Saga?

“ Sludge Match: Inside Chevron’s $9 Billion Legal Battle With Ecuadorian Villagers ,” Alexander Zaitchik’s recent article in Rolling Stone, is a fascinating look at . . .

Weeks after trial ends, same judge allows Chevron access to private email data of critics & activists

Last week, Judge Lewis Kaplan ordered Microsoft to turn over the identities of 30 email account holders and nearly a decade of their private usage . . .