Another Disaster for Thilawa Villagers

I am walking on the muddy long road under the gray sky. The wind is blowing wild and free and smells like wet earth. The . . .

Customary Land Use Practices Need Protection Under Myanmar Law

Successive governments in Myanmar have confiscated land for development projects with little regard for formal legal processes and without the Free, Prior and Informed Consent . . .

Court Should Dismiss Charges Against Human Rights Activist Khaing Myo Htun


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Yesterday, human rights activist Khaing Myo Htun and his legal counsel EarthRights International (ERI), asked the Sittwe High Court to have the charges he faces dismissed for abuse of process. The charges have no legal standing and are a breach of Myanmar’s fragile ceasefire, jeopardizing the country’s ongoing peace process.

Burma’s Disappointing New Investment Law

A new investment law has been rushed through Burma’s Parliament, with the Upper House giving its approval on Oct. 6. According to the Myanmar Investment . . .

Aye Khaing Win (Myanmar)

Aye Khaing Win was born in Let Yet San, a village surrounded by orchards and rice paddies 20 kilometers south of Myanmar’s capital city of Yangon.  He grew up, met his wife, and started a family there.  In 1996, the government confiscated many Thilawa residents’ land.  Because they did not develop it, however, families continued to legally farm and live on the land.   

Even as Myanmar (Burma) Sanctions Are Lifted, Transparency Rules Must Be Kept

President Obama, hosting Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi, pledged today to lift all remaining sanctions on the country. We don't take a position on . . .

Rights Groups to Aung San Suu Kyi: Release Human Rights Activist

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English, Burmese and Rakhine speakers available for comment

As democracy icon and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, whose National League for Democracy (NLD) now leads the government of Myanmar (Burma), visits the White House today, human rights groups are calling on her government to release a human rights activist imprisoned after his organization spoke out against abuses. Khaing Myo Htun, a deputy spokesperson for the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP), was arrested by police when the ALP called attention to human rights abuses. He is now facing charges for making statements to incite offenses against public tranquility.

In Getting Rich, Myanmar Can't Forget its Poor

When U Mya Hlaing came home three years ago he found an eviction notice plastered to his front door. It accused him of being a . . .

Community-Driven Operational Level Grievance Mechanisms Report

This report records discussions and recommendations from an expert workshop that was convened to discuss a new model for the design and implementation of operational-level grievance mechanisms (OGMs) that is driven by community conceptions of justice and fair play.
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Is the State Department weakening a key human rights tool in Myanmar based on a secret business survey?

Since 2013, U.S. investors with more than $500,000 invested in Myanmar (Burma) have been required to report about the impact of their investments on human . . .