The True Cost of Chevron Network is one of the largest and most unique activist coalitions organizing to reform Chevron and the entire oil industry. Composed of Chevron affected communities and organizations from around the globe concerned with the human right and environmental impacts of Chevron’s operations, the Network is expanding, becoming increasingly coordinated and unified. 

Bound by a determination to reform Chevron’s operations and increase solidarity across communities and issues, the Network in 2009 released the first installment of The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report.   The second installment was released in May 2010 to widespread media attention, and the third installment was released in May 2011. The reports detail Chevron’s abuses ranging from failure to clean up oil spills to funding of oppressive military regimes, including contributions from ERI on Chevron's complicity in serious human rights abuses in Burma.

With campaigns on Chevron issues ranging from coal to chemicals, offshore to onshore production, pipelines to refineries, natural gas to toxic waste, lobbying and campaign contributions, greenwashing, and revenue transparency, the Network is deeply concerned that Chevron continues to disregard the rights of indigenous peoples, environmental protection, climate change, and human rights.