September 10, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand -- EarthRights International (ERI) released two reports today linking oil giants Total and Chevron to forced labor, killings, high-level corruption and authoritarianism in military-ruled Burma (Myanmar). For the first time, ERI reveals that the military regime is hiding multi-billion dollar revenues from natural gas sales in two offshore banks in Singapore.

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Reactions from Banks & Oil Companies

Oil giant Total's presence in Myanmar is "positive": CEO, DPA, September 11, 2009


'Total's mission is not to restore democracy in the world. That is not our profession,' Margerie said in the interview with readers of the daily. He also said that Total had no plans to leave Myanmar.

But ERI did not call on Total and Chevron to divest from Myanmar, but to publish all their payments to the country's authorities since 1992, when the contract was signed.

Margerie did not respond to that demand. Nor did he address another demand by ERI, to acknowledge that forced labour was used with the pipeline, which passes from the Andaman Sea over 65 kilometers of Myanmar into Thailand.


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French Language Media

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