Cambodia Coordinator

Oudom is ERI’s Cambodia Coordinator based in Phnom Penh. His role is to represent and oversee the strategic implementation of ERI’s campaign, legal and training work across the country, as well as supporting ERI’s school alumni and Mekong Legal Network partners. He comes from Northeast Cambodia where the Sesan, Srepok, Sekong (3S) Rivers join with the Mekong River and whose resources provide livelihoods to most of the indigenous group in Cambodia within this region. Oudom is established as an effective communicator among Civil Society Organizations (include local and international organizations) and youth groups in Cambodia and the region who are involved in water governance and land grabbing issues. He is an alumnus of the EarthRights School Mekong and also holds a Masters of Art in Sociology and Anthropology from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, where he studied on a scholarship. His thesis research was on access to education for indigenous peoples in Northeast Cambodia.

Before joining the EarthRights School Mekong and more recently assisting with EarthRights’ advocacy work in Cambodia as a consultant, Oudom conducted social research on malaria projects in the northeastern and southwestern parts of Cambodia. Here he witnessed many different human rights abuses committed in the name of ‘development’, especially regarding hydropower dam and economic land concession projects. This drives Oudom’s strong motivation to work for ERI in order to promote a human rights-based approach to development. He believes that when people are fully aware of the issues that they are facing, they will stand up, unite and advocate for better change. Oudom speaks Khmer and English.